Premier inn pest analysis

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Travel and Tourism — US — May Increasing personal incomes and the availability of mass short- and long-distance travel are two reasons why hotel firms seek to invest abroad Brotherton, The corporate responsibility of Premier Inn is focused on six priority areas i. Travelodge is on its way to leading the budget hotel chain with pricing strategy and website technology.

These changes could bring certain positives as well as negatives for every business. This still puts great pressure on hotels to set fair and competitive prices and also promote their own brands using the medium of the Internet.

The Behaviouristic variables of show that the brand loyalty of Travelodge. With the closing of rail networks and the cancellation of flights; Premier Inn has lost out on individuals who have been forced to travel by car and those who stop overnight at service stations.

The scheme, JuMP, is a fast track route into management and provides Alevel studnets with a real alternative with the chance of going to university. Conclusion In analysing the hospitality industry, Premier inn pest analysis has become apparent that the major companies within the sector play a huge role in developing the environment.

Finally, there will be a quantitative analysis of the financial performance of the sector, rounding off with an overall conclusion. With a majority of the travelers relying on online reservations, the World Wide Web can be tapped as a marketing strategy.

In my spare time I enjoy writing and reading as well as fundraising for cancer charities. As Premier Inn relies heavily on tourism both internal and externalseasonal holidays such as Easter, bank holidays and Christmas are important dates which Premier Inn targets due to people being more likely to spend money in these periods.

Its leadership in putting the price at a low level is its competitive edge. Managerial and Decision Economics. These chains carry large economies of scale in marketing and branding as well as within the supply chain, enabling the big companies to minimise costs.

As the generator of eight per cent of total employment, the industry is ahead of the financial services, transport and communications, and constructions sectors. Travelodge has very competent executives and has hired experts with a background in state of the art IT systems.

The focus of this report is to synthesise and critically analyse the hospitality sector. This is important to an extent, but other factors such as exchange rates and currency valuations are worth noting.

David Cameron set the objectives to be among the top This is just the start of expanding geograp[hical spread around the world.

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Luxury and Tailor-made Holidays. It is among the key areas which are reaching the heights of success. Strategic Management Journal, International Journal of Hospitality Management, In this report, the PEST analysis acts as that five-step plan.

Premier Inn SWOT Analysis

The hotel is also good for business groups or individual business partners having an overnight stay. Political Travel lodge created a policy statement in order to demonstrate their commitment to the privacy of their customers.

Arguably the key feature is correct utilisation of this system in order to maximise profits. Employment numbers in tourism have bucked the wider trend, thanks to strong growth in whennew jobs were created.

They have big expansion plans and aim to add another 55, rooms by The international hospitality industry: This leaves them vulnerable to potential global economic slowdowns, with evidence suggesting that demand for budget travel accommodation is increasing.

The number of trips taken by Britons overseas has declined by This is how the hotel chain attracts budgets and practical travelers. Although consumers are gaining a little power, they do not have a large scope to negotiate on room prices directly.

Retrieved 12 30,from Aspen times: The Eclectic Theory of International Production: It includes the assessment of external factors which affect the performance of the business.Premier Inn is considered cheap and affordable as they offer their customers the deals from £ {1} They use celebrity endorsement; Lenny Henry for advertisements, who.

SWOT analysis of Whitbread PLC In the arena of business SWOT analysis can be a useful tool to assess the company's present situation surrounding the marketplace. It helps the company to take proper strategies to prevent weakness of existing situation with making changes in internally.

Feb 19,  · SWOT Analysis for Premier Inn. Feb19 by thehotelgroup. today in our group we have done the swot analysis for the premier inn hotel and that’s what we came up with.

In this part, we will use PEST analysis to evaluation the strategy adopted by Premier Inn. Owing to the limited understanding of the technology, we will focus on the political, economic and social factors.

SWOT Analysis for Premier Inn

Marketing Management A Resit Introduction This report will be providing a detailed analysis of the existing Budget Hotel market, and how to improve the competiveness of the Travelodge UK, the second largest Budget Hotel chain in the United Kingdom, Second Premier Inn.

A PEST analysis is a very useful framework which helps organisations identify and understand external factors. These factors (also called macro-environmental factors) impact on organisations significantly; therefore, understanding them is very important for strategic managers.

Premier inn pest analysis
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