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It is the basic foundation of economic development. In many cases, this includes the financing the disposal of farm waste that cannot be used. It can be bought in bulk and is constantly needed.

Between andwhen farm consumption was at its peak, 32, farms were bought up per year, most of them family owned. Monoculture exhausts soil fertility, requiring costly applications of chemical fertilizers.

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No longer are manure and other animal waste able to be used in other parts of the farm, because these other parts do not exist. This brings stability in cost of living and wages also. Even within a single crop, there is some variety.

And it too can be bought in bulk, at lower costs.

Essay on Agriculture and It’s Significance

It has already been stated that industrial food poses a health risk to both those who handle it and those who consume it. India ranks top position in production of groundnuts and sugarcane. By restricting these lands to a monoculture, they are helping to create an environment prone to instability, and in extreme cases, complete failure.

More of the products must be used over time in order to ensure that a sufficient crop yield will be produced to make farming worthwhile. Piles of noxious, methane rich waste is accumulating on these farms. It is much less expensive to produce tee-shirts then it is to produce only one. Rural communities are suffering greater each year as per capita income falls and poverty increases and subsidies are the main cause.

There are also health costs in this exclusion of externalities. Herbicides and insecticides commonly used in agriculture have been associated with both acute poisoning and long-term chronic illness. This shows the direct effect of global organizations on the farmer. One of the tenets of industrial agriculture is that its large scale production and yield will eventually be what saves the world from hunger.

This style of globalization seems to be the next trend. For example, corn and soybeans are frequently rotated on a two-year basis, since each plant takes different nutrients away from the soil Union of Concerned Scientists.

The extent of this health risk is startling. Social and economic impacts The pressure to "get big or get out" is fundamental to industrial agriculture—and takes a toll on communities.

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Most of these deaths befall migrant workers who are directly exposed to the pesticides. It has already been stated that industrial food poses a health risk to both those who handle it and those who consume it.

This, in turn, translates into a profitable economy of scale. The truth is that hunger persists, even in the U. Formerly, it was believed that the rate of population growth would far exceed the agricultural produce. In America, the difference in costs is financed through governmental subsidies.

Its efficiency, we were told, would allow food production to keep pace with a rapidly growing global population, while its economies of scale would ensure that farming remained a profitable business.

CAFOs, too, create pollution problems that reduce livability and depress property values in surrounding communities. Contributing both directly and indirectly to water, soil, and air pollution, pesticides and fertilizers are exponentially taxing as both resistances and immunities in pests increase.

Since they can no longer grow their own food, they become dependant on purchasing.

Hidden Costs of Industrial Agriculture

The extent of this health risk is startling.Industrial agriculture is currently the dominant food production system in the United States. It's characterized by large-scale monoculture, heavy use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and meat production in CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations).

Essay on Agriculture and It’s Significance. Article Shared by. ADVERTISEMENTS: Agriculture and Industrial development: For industrial development, agriculture plays active role.

Essay on agriculture and Industrial Growth

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One important impact is that of nitrogen cascade caused by atmospheric ammonia and nitric oxide – products of industrial agriculture. Sustainable Table states that nitrogen cascade is a process through which, “each ammonia molecule ‘can, in sequence, impact atmospheric visibility, soil acidity, forest productivity, terrestrial ecosystem.

Free Essays from Bartleby | Advancements in agriculture, textile, transportation and economic growth became possible only because of the Industrial.

Industrial agriculture has been able to maintain its unquestioned reign over the American consumer economy through the propagation of three major myths. The most common, and perhaps most effective, misconception is that industrial food is cheap.

Essay on industrial agriculture
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