An introduction to the literature by walter dean myers

Brainstorm Franklin Watts, A year-old boy, his newly adopted brother, and his friends are forced to work in a retirement home The Nicholas Factor Viking, The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins — A seventeen-year-old soldier from central Virginia records his experiences in a journal as his regiment takes part in the D-Day invasion of Normandy and subsequent battles to liberate France.

Riot — As the Civil War rages, another battle breaks out behind the lines: Army during the Vietnam War. Jerry Weiss and Helen S.

Walter Dean Myers

And sure, we could also say the same thing about books like Johnny Tremain "The Revolutionary War definitely had a teensy-weensy part in shaping America or Across Five Aprils the Civil War totally shook things up, and we still feel its echoes.

I cut out pictures of all my characters and my wife puts them into a collage, which goes on the wall above the computer.

It also made me realize that I am slowly turning into the sort of adult I hated as a kid: Darnell Rock Reporting — a year-old boy joins the school newspaper. Myers describes his "coming up" as a series of scrapes and fights with neighborhood kids, teachers and gang toughs that earned him the bad boy title.

He also read voraciously. Thank you so much for this reading experience. The Mouse Rap HarperCollins, Illustrated by Leslie Morrill. His speech troubles encouraged teasing, making matters worse. A group of kids take over an apartment building and struggle to maintain it.

Illustrated by Fiona French. A Place Called Heartbreak: They were my only real friends growing up. In fact, even after he died inbooks that he wrote right before his death kept coming out with his name on them. Like his uncle, Robin, who everyone starts calling Birdy, finds himself more and more distanced from people back home.

Using Literature to Build Emotionally Healthy Adolescents

The Hidden Shrine Viking, All The Right Stuff — In this thought-provoking novel tackling the social contract, Paul Dupree begins to understand the importance of taking control of his life after his father is shot and killed.

So with that in mind, I thought I would try to discuss what it was I liked about the books and assignments that I have contended with over the semester. Myers's fans will likely overlook this shortcoming, happy to hear more about his childhood in s and '50s Harlem. Besides, notions of good and bad literature are highly subjective, especially for those of us who have long been exposed to the sorts of reading that is only common in college.Walter Dean Myers, acclaimed author of African American books for children and young adults, published his first book, Where Does the Day Go?

in He is most widely known for his coming-of-age novels including the Newbery Honor books Scorpions () and. Title "Keepin' it Real": Walter Dean Myers and the Promise of African-American Children's Literature Created Date: Z.

Walter Dean Myers uses his own life experiences growing up in Harlem, New York in the s and s as the background for his writing.

Sonny's Blues

Raised in a foster home, he often displayed aggressive behavior in response to being teased about his speech impediment. "Reading Matters of Race and Hope in the YA Literature by Walter Dean Myers and Sherman Alexie" () 15 Pages "Reading Matters of Race and Hope in the YA Literature by Walter Dean Myers and Sherman Alexie" () Uploaded by.

R. Joseph Rodriguez. Download with. To get to know Sunrise Over Fallujah, you have to know a little something about a book called Fallen Angels. And to get to know about Fallen Angels, you need to know about the man who penned it: Walter Dean "Wrote One Book Every 2 ½ Year" Myers.

Walter Dean Myers "Walter Dean Myers is a writer of children's and young adult literature. Suffering with a speech impediment, he cultivated a habit of writing poetry and .

An introduction to the literature by walter dean myers
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